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We are confident that KC Rising initiatives will accelerate our region’s prosperity. Success will be measured by the extent to which we increase the number of quality jobs in the greater metropolitan area, increase median household income, and increase the total value of products and services generated by our region.


Talent Toolkit

Today, professionals pick a lifestyle before a job opportunity. The KC Rising Talent Toolkit compliments your company’s efforts to attract top talent to your organization by telling the KC story.

Kansas City Ratings & Rankings

Share our region’s top ratings and rankings to help to tell the Kansas City story to your candidates.

Ways to use: Send via email when scheduling a candidate’s interview; include in your company’s social media efforts; leverage as a ”hook“ when reaching out to candidates regarding opportunities with your company.

Welcome To Kansas City Video Clip

Showcase Kansas City as a top lifestyle and business destination through compelling video content.

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America’s Creative Crossroads Flip Book

Personify our region with profiles featuring some of Kansas City’s most creative people.

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Ways to use: Include in post-interview follow-up email; incorporate into communication regarding questions related to spouse/partner/family also potentially making the move; leverage to showcase the caliber of individuals doing nationally significant things from Kansas City.

Preferred Partners

Connect your candidates and new hires with experts and trusted partners of TeamKC.

Ways to use: Share these resources with your candidates as they identify various needs.

Contact: Angela Kennedy, KCADC


KCRise Fund

The KCRise Fund is a sidecar fund that co-invests with institutional Venture Capital investors in early-stage companies based in KC. KCRise Fund portfolio companies benefit from the diligence and industry talents of investment professionals all over the US. KC area companies also gain sources of capital from investors in the Kansas City area.

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Contact: Brooke Wade, Associate


KC Global Design

KC Global Design is a collective of design community firms in the Kansas City region.  Featuring a concentration of more than 500 architecture, engineering, and construction companies with over 20 national or global headquarters, KC is home to some of the largest and most impactful firms in the building industry.  Through collaboration in Innovation, Awareness, and Talent, KC Global design exists to elevate Kansas City’s regional status as the world champion of design.

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Contact: Mary McCann, Executive Director


KC Scholars

KC Scholars

KC Scholars is designed to increase the number of post-secondary degrees in the greater KC metro by providing scholarships and college completion support to traditional students and adult learners. In addition, it supports college savings starting at 9th grade.

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Contact: Dr. Beth Tankersley-Bankhead, President & CEO


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Real World Learning

Through Real World Learning, we are equipping our learners and communities to thrive in a rapidly changing, increasingly connected and complex world. Our K-12 initiative is empowering districts of all sizes, from the many diverse communities that comprise our region, to engage in learning, working, and being accountable together toward a common goal.

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Common Goal:

By 2030, all high school students across our region graduate with market value assets and a diploma, preparing them for future work and learning. Employers play an essential role

A critical ingredient to A THRIVING REGIONAL ECONOMY is a ready supply of diverse, skilled talent. Kansas City employers play a key role in creating access to quality experiences that allow students to see how their interests, aptitudes, and skills connect to local work opportunities. Employers can get involved in Real World Learning in a variety of ways that make sense for them, providing students with hands-on, authentic problem-solving experiences and connections to professional resources.

Help develop future regional talent Contact us to join the RWL Employer group and identify ways to get engaged with school districts.