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Kansas City is a community of communities. Millions of lives woven together, across borders and neighborhoods, sharing one future.

Every aspect of our region contributes its own history, perspective, and energy. The challenges posed by the area’s diverse nature are surpassed by what it brings in unmatched potential.

KC Rising is how KC’s leaders forge new approaches toward greater collaboration to guide us forward.

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KC’s businesses are positioned to lead this charge by nurturing partnerships and cultivating innovation. We amplify our efforts by aligning corporations, foundations, nonprofits, governments, educational institutions, human services groups, civic leaders, and other members of the public square, accelerating a future of inclusive regional prosperity.

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Horizon Goals

Growing the Economy, Including Everyone

Compared to benchmark metros

Pillar Metrics

Progress toward the 7 shared vision pillars of prosperity

Comparing our progress over time

Strategy Metrics

Related to community efforts that we are trying to amplify

Monitoring and celebrating success over time

Trendline Metrics

Change in Migration

Net Migration

Change in Net Migration per 1000 Population 2012-2019. Overall, from a percent change perspective, Kansas City is at the benchmark metro average. 


GDP Per Job

Percent Change since 2012 through 2018. However, the percent change in productivity for benchmark metros has recently surpassed Kansas City.

Percent of Workers in Self-Sufficient Households

Change since 2012 through 2018. The percent change of workers in self-sufficient households in benchmark metros are accelerating faster than that of Kansas City.


Average Housing Wealth

Black percent of white change since 2012. While the average black white wealth gap generally worsened – the change has been steeper in Kansas City.

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Questions for KC Rising

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