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Amplifying Community Efforts

KC Rising formed in 2015 to help KC grow faster and more intentionally. It is business-led, metrics-based and long-term focused. KC’s businesses are positioned to lead this charge by nurturing partnerships and cultivating innovation.

We amplify community efforts by aligning corporations, foundations, nonprofits, governments, educational institutions, human services groups, civic leaders, and other members of the public square, accelerating a future of inclusive regional prosperity.

Our Purpose

To achieve a shared vision of regional prosperity for all by aligning and accelerating community efforts for the greatest impact.

When We Come Together

KC Rising 14 Counties

14 Counties        

How does a 14-county metropolitan area, separated by state line, with proud histories in every town that both set a foundation and cast shadows, come together to get something done to address our challenges and capitalize on our opportunities?

We bring together the Stewards of the Public Square = Business, Education, Government, Human Service.

When we come together, it is amazing.

Distinct, but not Disconnected

Conversations that were not happening before are now happening…

— University of Kansas Chancellor Doug Girod

KC Rising Logo
KC Rising Logo
KC Rising Logo
KC Rising Logo
KC Rising Logo

What does KC Rising do?


for outcomes, publicly and privately


when necessary, when gaps exist


community efforts for the greatest impact


a future of inclusive regional prosperity


regional assets and initiatives to those priorities

What do participants get?


to others working to the same ends


on aligning regional assets and initiatives


of accomplishments

Building KC Rising with


We are a venue where ideas can come to plan and develop our future


We are a voice to amplify all other initiatives that meet our core goals

Our Shared Vision of
Regional Prosperity

Amplify & Accelerate
efforts for greatest impact

Traded Sectors Driving Committee

”The charge of this committee, focused on regional economic recovery strategy, is of utmost importance to Kansas City, the University, and the constituents we serve. As the nation and city enters this new post-pandemic area, it is imperative that all sectors and industries participate in discourse that will define where Kansas City will be uniquely positioned to compete regionally, nationally and globally.“

Hubert Benetiz
President & CEO, St. Luke’s College of Health Sciences

Why did you join KC Rising?

”There is so much potential for growth in the KC region, and I’m happy to use my own personal knowledge, skills, life experience and passion to help KC Rising. Strategizing and executing the best ideas to further our community’s future is how I can help contribute to our shared vision of prosperity for ALL.“

Megan Segura
Director of Special Projects, KCADC

For the Love of Kansas City

”I believe in Kansas City. With that, I am humbled to be a part of an organization that is set-out to make a great city even better.“

Silas Dulan
Director of Diversity Equity Inclusion, Evergy

Why did you join KC Rising?

”I joined KC Rising as a volunteer because for individuals and organizations committed to driving change to increase prosperity and equity within the Kansas City region, there’s no greater partner than KC Rising. Their visionary leadership and broad-reaching collaborative network enable us to maximize the region’s creative and intellectual capacity to realize the change we all want to see.“

Sonia Hall
President & CEO, BioKansas


Horizon Goals

Growing the Economy, Including Everyone

Compared to benchmark metros

Pillar Metrics

Progress toward the 7 shared vision pillars of prosperity

Comparing our progress over time

Strategy Metrics

Related to community efforts that we are trying to amplify

Monitoring and celebrating success over time

Trendline Metrics

Our Benchmark Metros
Austin, Raleigh, Charlotte, Nashville, Denver, Indianapolis, Columbus, Portland, Minneapolis, Cincinnati

Change in Migration

POPULATION, 2012-2019

Overall, from a percent change perspective, Kansas
City is at the benchmark metro average. Note: the orange line represents the KC region. Blue represents benchmark metro average. 



The percent change in productivity for benchmark
metros has recently surpassed Kansas City. Note: the orange line represents the KC region. Blue represents benchmark metro average.  


The percent change of workers in self-sufficient
households is accelerating faster in benchmark metros
than in Kansas City. Note: the orange line represents the KC region. Blue represents benchmark metro average. 


While the average housing wealth gap generally
worsened in all benchmark metros, the change has
been steeper in Kansas City. Note: the orange line represents the Asian/White wealth gap, the green represents Latinx/White wealth gap, and the blue line Black/White wealth gap. 

KC Rising School Smart Kickoff

Facts & Figures

We desire top-level metrics that are more responsive, that suggest actions to take, that incorporate place and inclusion more directly.

In short, our goal is to grow the economy for everyone.

Questions for KC Rising

Questions for KC Rising

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