Wow – the excitement from Horizon 2021 is still in the air! When asked to use a single word to describe the Shared Vision, participants told us they feel: Inspired. Excited. Motivated. Energized. Purposeful. Proud. One participant said, “We NEED this positive infusion of spirit and hope right now.”

Our region is coming together to strive toward the same ends, so some day, we can look back and proudly say, “As hard as it was, we made the most of this moment.” Learn more about the ways to align, amplify and accelerate with KC Rising:

Commit to Inclusive Purchasing: Take the CEO Challenge

Corporations located in the KC region have billions of dollars in spending power that could support and grow local, diverse small businesses. Investment in small business can, in turn, grow jobs and the local economy.

Research shows that supporting small enterprise is also good for business – increasing innovation and market share – creating a greater return on existing cost for procurement.

Support KC Rising’s goal to commit 100 CEOs to intentional, inclusive procurement, including internal tracking and accountability with year-over-year expansion. SIGN THE PLEDGE.

Invest in the Next Generation: Share Your Work with a Teacher

Externships allow teachers to connect business with students by experiencing industries and professional fields outside of the classroom.

  • Provide a virtual site visit, company swag, or meals for the Show Me Careers – KC summer experience June 7-11 (reaching 80+ educators from districts across the region)
  • Provide a ‘deeper dive’ into your work, industry and work environment for one or more educators. ‘Industry shadow’ experiences may be as short as a half-day or as long a week depending on the complexity of your business.
  • Team up with a teacher to provide projects or curriculum input in preparation for the coming school year, or to provide industry feedback to students by reviewing classwork, resumes, etc.

Connect with teachers through the Kauffman Foundation’s Real World Learning Hub: SIGN UP.

Expand Social Capital: Build New Connections

We build radical social capital across neighborhoods, race, gender and socio-economic status through investing in the community with our time, talent and resources. Social capital is the “glue” of community, and work-based experiences are valuable to build a resume, but also to expand networks of “who you know.”

  • Provide an 8-week summer employment experience/internship (June, July, August) for Kansas City youth (ages 14-18) through Hire KC. If you cannot host a high school intern, consider sponsoring one to be placed in a small or diverse firm. HOST AN INTERN. 
  • Serve as a volunteer scholarship reviewer with KC Scholars: This role is critical to increasing racial and social equity as it is essential that reviewers understand the barriers that stand in the way of fair and equitable access to education. LEARN MORE.

Stay Connected: Align with KC Rising

At Horizon 2021, we unveiled KC Rising’s seven Pillars of Prosperity that guide our region’s shared vision.

Learn more about each pillar, and share with us if work you’re doing aligns with KC Rising’s Pillars of Prosperity strategies. Individual badges are also available on the website and can be downloaded and used in digital materials to show alignment with one or more pillars.

To receive regular communication from KC Rising, please sign up for the KC Rising newsletter (soon to be launched), which will include community spotlights and key updates.

Please let us know which action items above  you are most excited about and plan to engage in first.

Share KC Rising with Others

Check out a Thank you video from our Horizon 2021 emcee, Kiona Sinks. In addition, share the KC Rising 2021 Horizon video highlighting key accomplishments, and the recording of KC Rising Horizon 2021. Follow KC Rising on Twitter and LinkedIn, and use #KCRising to highlight how you’re aligning with the KC Rising Pillars of Prosperity.

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