According to respondents of a recent evaluation, KC Rising is in a unique position to:

  • Point out opportunities and areas for improvement.
  • Start important, community-wide conversations in the region.
  • Establish benchmarks.
  • Articulate a shared vision in a way that others can embrace.

One suggestion for accelerating progress was to re-evaluate metrics. While the “Big Dot” metrics were often cited – they were difficult to move and needed to be more proximate to objectives and strategies. The measures needed to be meaningful to working class families, not just business leaders. They should frame the status of the region and our progress.

KC Rising leadership listened and as a result have adjusted the metrics framework, beginning at the highest level. What had been known as the “Big Dot” metrics is now the Horizon Goals. These are still long-term focused, but more responsive and suggest actions to take. The Horizon Goals incorporate place and inclusion more directly. In short, it is our goal to grow the economy for everyone.

Grow the Economy

  • Attract people as measured by net migration rate. This can be disaggregated by age, race, educational attainment, and gender – helping us to know who is coming, going and staying.
  • Increase worker productivity as measured by GDP per job.

For Everyone

  • Pay workers enough to cover necessities as measured by percent of workers living in self-sufficient households. Necessities include housing, healthcare, transportation and (if necessary) childcare.
  • Build wealth as measured by Black/White housing wealth gap. Housing is still the primary way American’s build their net worth and that equity can be leveraged for education, starting a business or to pass down to the next generation. Black/White is selected because that is where the greatest disparity exists in KC.

The Data & Analysis Resource Team has been working with input from the community to build out the full metrics framework.