Volunteers are the brain and backbone of KC Rising. Hear from Davyeon Ross, Innovation and Entrepreneurship co-chair, and co-founder and COO of ShotTracker, on why he believes in KC Rising and what he thinks the most significant outcomes will be.

How will the KC region know that KC Rising is a success?
The KC region will know that KC rising is a success when we see a visible change in the culture of the KC region as it relates to how we deal with failure and funding.

What is one thing your Work Group is working on that the rest of the volunteers should know about?
The Innovation and Entrepreneurship team is diligently working on bridging the funding gap between entrepreneurs and funding sources throughout the lifecycle of a business while understanding what KC entrepreneurs need to be successful.

What compelled you to get involved with KC Rising?
KC has a deep tradition in entrepreneurship but we are a very conservative community. It’s important to me to make a difference in the community and KC rising was the perfect opportunity to do so.

What advice do you have for the KC Rising volunteers to get the most out of their experience in the process?
Enjoy the process and know it’s a marathon. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The changes we are trying to bring forth are deep and extensive culture changes. It won’t be easy but it’s not impossible.

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