The current economic crisis has affected everyone. However, there has been uneven or disparate impact where some populations have been harder hit:

  • Latinos were hardest hit by the economic shutdown initially, then saw the quickest improvement. Though this has stalled.
  • The Black unemployment rate continues to be the highest among all racial and ethnic groups and, at 9.2%, is 1.7 times higher than that for Whites, at 5.7%.
  • Laborforce participation rates have dropped across demographic groups. But women of color appear to be dropping out of the laborforce at higher rates than other groups, likely a result of lack of good childcare options.

These statistics…and more…are available in the latest economic forecast. March 3, 2020 – the Junior League of Kansas City is hosting the annual C3KC conference. One session is titled: The Economic “She-Cession” and a Plan for Recovery. During this session speakers Cordell Carter II, Jessica Palm, Victoria DeFranceso Soto and Molly Weaver will discuss the economic repercussions from the pandemic and the disproportionate affect on women in the workforce – as well as solutions. Tickets are still available for this virtual event.